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Friday, November 8, 2013

COVER REVEAL / OUAZA Episode 3 by K.B. Miller


The third episode of Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse picks us as Kylee and Jade and their new rag-tag band of friends finally arrive in Pennsylvania. They venture further into this new world, searching for Kylee’s lost family.

The zombie plague knows no bounds. Anyone can turn, at any time. Those that haven’t turned are becoming something far worse, cold-blooded murderers. The United States government is in tatters and the lawless now make the rules.

Kylee and Jade can’t turn back, and what lies ahead could be more than either of them can handle. Join your favorite zombie killers as they come face to face with love, loss and more zombies.

Releases November 28th 2013

Author Biography

Best Selling Author, K.B. Miller is a proud native of Baltimore, Maryland. She’s also a football nut! That's right fellas, she’s a DIE-HARD Ravens fan! How's that for ballsy?

Currently she resides in a tiny valley nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband and son (both Steelers fans ─ eww!), two energetic puppies ─ Copper Dude and Cullen Edward, and her mouthy blue front Amazon Parrot, Poppy.

She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, but two years ago her loving husband─ who believed
in her talent, finally gave her a gentle push... actually, according to her, it was really more of a kick... in the lower back-upper thigh region. She claims it hurt. After a few restless nights she decided to allow everyone to meet all of the crazy characters in her head, and here we are.

K.B. has as her family calls it, a ridiculous addiction to hats, shoes, sunglasses, owls, and coffee. No problems there, right? That's what she said.

Welcome to K.B.-land, it's a lot like Disneyland only without all of the endless lines, overly happy people and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg! LOL

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Twitter : K.B. Miller  / Moon Coven / OUAZA