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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


To celebrate our first Blog Anniversary on November 14th we put together a little giveaway for everyone! We want to thank you all for visiting us and supporting us throughout the last year. We were not really sure what we were doing in the beginning but we thought "what the hell.. it can't be that hard, right?" LOL, yeah we learned real quick!

It has been a great journey that neither Lauren or I knew what to expect, we just wanted to help spread the word about all of the wonderful Authors out there. We've made a lot of wonderful friends along the way. Many of which we wouldn't know what to do without. You're the real reason why we started!
Confessions of the Paranormal began with R&M Fab Book Review's Spooktacular last year, and with a little push and some cries for help, we put together our first blog post on Nov. 14th for Katherine Rochholz's Katy Lily Series. Ruthi and MaryAnn were there for me to make sure I didn't throw my computer out the window when Blogger did not want to cooperate with me, and are still there when I want to scream! They are some AMAZING CHICKS! Love you guys!

As time went on we joined Street Teams, made even more great friends and found more ways to share our love for books! I adopted Brae Wyckoff during Young Adult & Teen Readers  Adopt an Author Christmas event. We had a great time sharing The Orb of Truth with the world and helping people open their eyes to something new! He is currently working on his second book called The Dragon God, which I can not wait to read! During another Adoption, Lauren adopted HD Gordon and to this day they continue to blast her books all over the place!

We have seen so many of our blogger friends become writers, inspired by the very people we all strive to help daily! We would like to Congratulate every single one of you for taking that leap into the unknown and giving us more wonderful books to share with the world. You are all Amazing and we admire you for your courage! Keep on writing!

We hope everyone continues to support us, see the outstanding work we showcase for you and as a Thank you to everyone we have put together a Rafflecopter with goodies donated from some admirable people.

(There will be 9 winners)

$10 Amazon Gift Card
1 Signed paperback copy of Theory in Depth and some swag from M.A. Abraham (US ONLY)
1 Signed Paperback copy of Today Only from D. Love (US ONLY)
1 Ebook of Dance Ballerina Dance from M.A. Abraham
1 Signed Pawn poster + 1 ebook of Pawn & Ebook of Caged from Sophie Davis (US ONLY)
1 MAI Editing Swag Pack (US ONLY)
1 Book Thong from MAI Editing (US ONLY)
1 Ebook of The Orb of Truth from Brae Wyckoff
1 Ebook of Joe from H.D. Gordon
1 Ebook of Allusive Aftershock from Susan Griscom
1 Ebook of Sliding Beneath the Surface by Doug Dillon
1 Ebook of Ashlynn's Dreams by Julie C. Gilbert

$5 Amazon Gift Card from AR Von
1 Signed Paperback of Burn Out from Ruthi Kight (US ONLY)
1 Paperback of Joe from H.D. Gordon (US ONLY)
1 Set of The Maurin Kincaide ebook series (3) and some signed postcards from Rachel Rawlings
1 Ebook of The Orb of Truth from Brae Wyckoff
1 Ebook copy of Today Only from D. Love
1 MAI Editing Swag Pack (US ONLY)

$5 Amazon Gift Card from As You Wish Tours
1 Swag Pack from KatherinePolillo (US ONLY)
A signed swag card and an ebook copy of Wunder (0.5 Dreamz)
1 Ebook of Caged and 1 set of signed posters of Talented, Caged and Hunted from Sophie Davis(US ONLY)
1 Set of e-copies of Touching Smoke, Touching Eternity, and Octavian's Undoing from Airicka Phoenix
1 Book Thong from MAI Editing (US ONLY)

$5 Amazon Gift Card from As You Wish Reviews

1 Ebook copy of Today Only from D. Love

1 Ebook of Joe from H.D. Gordon

1 Book Thong from MAI Editing (US ONLY)

1 The Amethyst Dragon Swag and Dragon Cell phone charm from Brianna Angelique (US ONLY)


1 Leather Charm Cuff from Book Dragon Designs (US ONLY)

Please enter your Email & Name then click "Begin" to get your entries in. 

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All winners have been contacted and responded! Thank you everyone for celebrating with us!