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Friday, October 11, 2013

Changed Forever (The Dreams of Sarah Knight) by Steven Misosky

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Changed Forever
(The Dreams of Sarah Knight)
by Steven Misosky

Book Description:
Caution! This is not another version of dystopia, or a new twist on forbidden love. There are no vampires here, either. This story is meant to engage you in another way. Two special souls have incarnated in order to help a struggling planet. They didn’t have to come, like most of us. They came out of pure love. This is their story. Follow their adventure as they first learn of their destiny. Then, go along into the realm of dreams, and learn to unravel it’s mysterious messages right along with them.
This book delves into the mysteries of life. Did you ever wonder why we dream? Do you take your subconscious for granted? Is there anything behind the superstitions surrounding the number thirteen? Why are we here? Explore the answers to these questions and more. Learning life’s mysteries will change your life.

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During the tour, Author Steven Misosky will have the price of the ebook set at $0.99 cents to make it very easy for anyone interested to get a copy.

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Author Bio
In Changed Forever, I shared with you some interesting things about the number thirteen. There will be more in book two. But, do you really believe there are energy patterns like that which affect our lives? Let me tell you a few things about thirteen in my life. My name has thirteen letters. I was born in the sign of Scorpio, which is represented in tarot by Key 13. I got my first job at the age of thirteen. I worked there until I graduated from high school. I had one other job after that. Then at the age of twenty-six, thirteen years after I got my first job, I switched to a good paying job which I kept for many years. There are other significant thirteens, but this is a short bio so I’ll skip to the present. On July 13, 2012, a Friday the thirteenth, a freak accident at work broke a bone in my hand. It was bad and needed surgery. I decided it wasn’t a problem but an opportunity; time to prepare myself, and get The Dreams of Sara Knight ready for publication. Exactly one year later, on July 13, I received the edited copy of my manuscript back from my editor. I was ready to go. So, here we are in 2013 and my life course is changing again as I publish my first novel. And by the way, as I do this, I have been studying with a western mystery school for 13 years. So, you decide, is life more about patterns of energy than we normally consider? It certainly is. We are vital energy beings first, and live in an electrical universe. Someday I’ll write the whole story and share it with you.

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Back Cover

I hope you like the front cover. Isn’t that beautiful artwork? It’s called, The Connection. To me, it portrays the same thing as the yin-yang symbol, but in a modern, artistic, fractalized kind of way. Look at the front cover again. See how the two archetypal powers are intertwined in a beautiful swirling embrace; locked in an eternal dance with each other.
The alchemists often referred to these two divine principles as gold and silver, or the sun and moon. They were always pursuing the secret of secrets, the perfect relationship between them. One who succeeded in their art was born anew. See the new offspring being born in the picture?
This picture also depicts the inter-connectedness between the spiritual realm and the natural world. It even looks like penetration into the dream world. Can you see it?

Now, after you’ve read the book, look at it again. See if your knowledge and appreciation for this dynamic, rhythmic interchange hasn’t become more ecstatic. Beautiful art can touch the heart, so can beautiful thinking. Hopefully, The Dreams of Sara Knight will inspire beautiful thinking


“I guess it does,” Cindy agreed. “That’s because the real goal of a human life is finding our center, and living from that center.”
“Our heart, right Mom? It’s about finding our heart,” Sara told her.
“Yes dear; your heart, your center, your higher self, the Christ consciousness; it’s called many things,” Cindy explained.
“I like to call it our heart,” Sara told her.
“Okay, we’ll call it your heart,” Cindy agreed.
“Okay Mom,” Sara said, as she went over and took her mother’s hand. “Come with us now and you can read our journals.” Kara caught on and quickly took her mother’s other hand. Then the girls led her upstairs to their room.
Once they were up there, Sara led her to sit down on the edge of Kara’s bed, right next to where her dream journal was sitting. Kara picked it up and handed it to her mom. Cindy treated it very respectfully as she slowly opened the cover to look inside. Kara sat on one side, and Sara sat on the other, as they watched their mom looking at the inscription.
“Could you read it out loud?” Kara asked.
“The subconscious mind is the link to infinite intelligence.” Cindy paused for a moment and then said, “I like that very much. It’s really true. I see why you girls kept looking at each other that way when I was talking. You will be learning a lot about the subconscious mind. It’s a mystery worth exploring. This inscription is true because your subconscious is connected to the universal subconscious, or more correctly, is a part of it. Think of the internet, how each computer has access to the whole internet, but uses it in its own unique way. That’s how our subconscious is. We have access to the whole thing to use in our own unique way. So it’s really true, girls. You have access to the whole universe through your subconscious mind, and you’ll be learning how to take advantage of that.”


“Between living and dreaming is a third thing. Guess it.”-Antonio Machado

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable.”-Napolean Hill

“I think it was more than a dream. It seemed so real, even more than real.”-Sara Knight

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