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Monday, August 5, 2013

RELEASE DAY / The Jewel of Nirel By Ann Snizek

The Jewel of Nirel
By Ann Snizek

Release Date:  July 27, 2013
Genre:  YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Length:  Over 86,000 Words
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours


For the people of Tunuftol, and other countries on the planet Nyssa, names found them starting at twelve months old… at the earliest. Along with the names came certain skills or powers. Depending on what you did with your powers determined what type of person you were, and sometimes affected future names. Therefore, names had great importance in Tunuftol, and Krissa had more than a few… nine to be exact. Her full name was Krissa Lysandra Rue Alverna Harley Mya Magryta Freya Wittek, which is quite a mouthful.

The dangers haven't ended for our friends yet. The weather is starting to warm and the war started last fall is under way. Journey with Krissa and the crew as they struggle to keep their world safe and find their place in it.


Chapter 3

The next three days were uneventful.  Other than mud and some drizzling rain, nothing much happened during their ride.  They didn't even meet many people along the road.

The following day, however, dazzled Krissa.  Sometime before lunch, they went through a pass in the hills and an enormous valley opened up below them.  The large lake glistened in the clear spring light; meadows were dotted by various wildlife (Krissa noticed several different varieties of deer); songbirds danced and sang with all their might; and the city of Amara itself seemed to be made of polished jewels.  Everywhere signs of spring burst with joy.

Khevin rode beside Krissa at the time and he enjoyed her reaction about as much as she enjoyed the scene.  

"Breathtaking, isn't it?"

 "Absolutely."  Krissa replied.  Even her mental voice was overwhelmed.

"Gilroy, would you make contact with Lord Naren's men please.  Set up a meeting for me with their director of the district office," Khevin instructed.  "Take Sealey with you.  He needs to learn the procedure.  The rest of us will find accommodations for the night.  Let me know when you are finished and I'll tell you where we end up."

Gilroy nodded without hesitation and Sealey whooped with excitement.  The two young men galloped away, ahead of the group, to enter the city under less scrutiny.  The rest of the group continued at a walk.  Krissa absorbed every sound and sight and smell along the way.  Her senses soared.

Bits of green peeked out from under the dull brown of last year’s grasses with insects hurrying about for food and warmth.  Birds dove and spun and dipped and twisted everywhere in the air with amazing acrobatic skills.  Krissa noted some maneuvers that she planned to try on her next opportunity.

Her name of Harley meant Wild Thing, and gave her the ability to transform into some very wild creatures.  So far, she had become the black jaguar that she had roamed as through the palace.  She could also become a dragon-type creature -- not the cold-blooded lizard-like creatures with scales that she read about in childhood fairytales, but warm-blooded, slender mammals with soft hides, and live births.  They came in a wonderful range of colors, but Krissa always had the same colors, lavender with a silvery belly and blue tinting on her head and the neck ridge.  She kept her green eye color and stretched to slightly over six feet long.


I grew up in Vermont mostly and now live in Virginia with my family (those still at home). My husband and I have a blended family of seven kids. My childhood was spent moving around a lot. (non-military) About five years ago, we started home-schooling our youngest children. Now there are only two remaining in home-school. I have tried to nurture the love of books in our children and now our grandchildren -- always nurturing their imaginations. Recently, I have become active in our community with literacy, starting a local (and online) creative writing club and volunteer tutoring at the Adult Learning Center.
I struggle with Fibromyalgia and PTSD. So, have to be careful not to overdo things... I don't always listen to my own advice. I have a dry, sarcastic and corny sense of humor and always try to look at things optimistically. (again not always successful) However, I feel that if I don't give up -- for long -- then things will work out for the best eventually.