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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GIVEAWAY & GUEST POST / Forgive Me Martha by Becky M. Pourchot

Forgive Me Martha
By Becky M. Pourchot

About the Book

After the birth of Ms. Pourchot’s twins six years ago, life seemed to slip into chaos.  The family was eating Toaster Strudels for dinner, the house smelled of dirty diapers, and an infestation of moths descended on the kitchen like a team of unfed sumo wrestlers.  She did what she could, but in her mind it was never enough.  Rather than crumple under the unreachable demands of her new life Pourchot began a blog, confessing all of her hilarious shortcomings to Martha Stewart the “Great Goddess of Domesticity.”
The result became Forgive Me Martha an outrageously funny collection of short stories and poems full of honesty, humor, and humility, sending hope to those of us who fall short of being perfect.

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Top ten authors I admire

Dr. Seuss  I love his rhythm, his wit, and his ability to pack incredibly intense messages into simple little rhyming books.

Maurice Sendak  Again, I love how he brings deep emotional issues to a simple book

David Sedaris Love how he brings humor to the smallest life events

Kurt Vonnegut  The king of wry satirical humor.  Some of my best memories of college were sitting on the campus lawn reading his books.

Ruth Reichl  Favorite food writer/memoirist.  After reading Garlic and Sapphires I was inspired to do a solo trip to NYC just to taste the food she was describing.

Anthony Bourdain  Again with the food.  I love his brash perspective

Steven King  Honestly, I have read very few of his books, however I admire his ability to toy with the reader’s emotions and make subtle things so darn creepy.

Armand Rosamilia  Armand is a friend of mine who writes the zombie themed Dying Days series as well as many other horror stories.  I’ve never seen someone so focused and determined about their craft.  Truly an inspiration.

Kirsten Lobe  Kirsten is a dear friend of mine and author of Paris Hangover and Paris Baby.  She’s been cheering me on before I finished my first book.  She is a model of poise, confidence, and perseverance and I’m grateful for her advice along the way.

Tim Baker  Tim is a friend and author of Pump it Up and a number of other thriller/action books. Tim is wonderfully undeterred when it comes to writing and marketing his books.  Nothing ruffles him up. He just keeps writing and loving what he does. His encouragement and kindness has helped me a great deal.

About the Author

Becky M. Pourchot is the author of two semi-autobiographical humor books and the Hungry Ghost Series, a collection of paranormal books for young adults. She lives in Flagler Beach, Florida with her husband, fourteen year old son, and six year old twins and completely blames her demanding writing career for the state of her messy home.

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There is only one way to win -- Confess your Worst Mommy Moment via comment.

Prize: Two winners will received a print copy of Forgive Me Martha. 

Winners will be selected by Becky M. Pourchot and Penelope Anne Bartotto.
 Open to USA Only unless International Winner is willing to pay shipping.