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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway

Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway

Show your Support….for what? Well for Authors, of course!  Authors need our support, especially Indie Authors. You are the one that helps show the world the amazing work they have done. They need you!

Do you know the best way to show your support? Well, buy an unpirated copy of the book and read of course! But reading isn’t all you should do. When you read a book you should always, yes always, post a review of what you thought of the book. It doesn’t matter if you liked it or loved it….BE HONEST!!! The author needs to know and others readers would like to know what others thought. Positive or Negative the Author wants to hear from you. They want to know what they can do to make it better! Never be shy but don’t bash the Authors either. There are tasteful ways of saying you don’t like something! Be sure to state your likes AND dislikes, if there are any. There was reason you picked it up, so there is at least one reason you liked it; it may have only been the cover but that is something you liked!

There are many places now that you can post a review. It isn’t just Amazon! Now we have Barnes & Noble, Smashword, Kobo, Shelfari, LibraryThing…that is just a few. Each is different and each has their own rules so make sure you pay attention to them.  A good review will be at least 300 words, or pretty close to it. One or two sentences do not tell anyone much. A few simple questions to ask yourself while reading….Did you like the cover? Who were your favorite characters, and why? What characters did you not like, why? Did the story have a slow start that barely kept you interested or did it keep you on the edge of your seat? Did you relate to any of the events or characters in the story? Where there any errors in the writing, like grammar or structure? Was it easy to ready, did it confuse you, how? 

If you really enjoyed the book feel free to share that with the world! Post your review on your Network wall. There might be someone out there they may love it just as much as you!

As bloggers we show our support by hosting book by different authors on our blogs. We talk to Authors; we give our opinion of what we thought of the book and more. We all work really hard to do what we can to help any Author and in turn we are just happy to be helping! It puts a smile on my face to see a new Author and be one of the first few to see their outstanding work. Just when you didn’t think you could find something better, there it is! Some of the first books I read when I got my first Kindle were, unbeknown to me, Indie Authors and I LOVED them!!! I did not find out until much, much later when I fell into this World of Books on Facebook that they were Indie Authors! Hell, I didn’t even know what an Indie Author was until then! Haha, I know! But I have learned a lot over the six months and I hope that you have learned something here today.

Did you know you can support Bloggers and Authors at the same time? Follow the blog, and leave a comment on a post, show your thoughts of what the Author and/or Blogger has said or send us an email. We too like to know that you like what we are doing too just as much as the Authors want to know you if you like what they have done.

As many know I am someone that will help anyone if it is within my means to do so. Never be afraid to ask, the worst that could happen is I say no. If I say no it is not because I don’t want to, it is just that I can’t, so please feel free to ask. Book questions, Blog questions, or just need to vent, yep I said vent! We all need that outside steam room some times to let out all the frustrations of life and it sometimes helps when it is someone from the outside! I am here to support everyone Bloggers and Authors a like! I hope you are too!

Show your love and support it is very simple! Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you all have a wonderful and stress free day! As a thank you for your support the beautiful Derinda Love has put together a Rafflecopter to win a Kindle LOADED with books!

 Take the time to get your entries in and Please say thank you for this wonderful opportunity that she has presented to one lucky reader and to all the Authors that have donated books to make this happen!!!