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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be the first to see The Dragon God by Brae Wyckoff & Join us in an interview with Lester and Ross!

Today we have Lester and Ross with us. They are some of my favorite characters in The Orb of Truth. I love the humor they bring to the story. The boys are definitely something special as they are lock picks, yep, you heard me, and yes they talk (kinda).

Also today we have a special treat for everyone!

Today for your viewing pleasurebe one of the first to seeThe Cover and an excerpt of Brae’s 2nd book in this series,

The Dragon God!!!

Check out the back cover and the Synopsis!!!

As the heroes of Ruauck-El emerged triumphantly in The Orb of Truth, the first book in the Four Horn series, they could not have imagined that an even greater evil still lay ahead of them.

Raina has discovered a new threat to the realm, and teleported King El'Korr - against his wishes - to the West Horn King's capital city, Tuskabar, in hopes of thwarting an evil Mystic's plan to acquire the five dragon stones. Each relic harbors an ancient dragon spirit, and, if combined, would unleash a multi-headed deity beyond imagination, to begin a reign of terror upon Ruauck-El.

Meanwhile, Bridazak and friends are in search of Spilfer Teehle's missing family. Their quest leads them to visit old enemies, travel through beautiful but deadly locations, and will ultimately take them on an adventure of new discoveries of themselves.

Each group is on their own mission, but as destiny would have it, their fates are more entwined than they could possibly know.

Internationally acclaimed author, Brae Wyckoff, brings a new depth to fantasy storytelling in The Dragon God.

I was so honored when I was asked to do this for Brae! I want to thank Brae and Aileen for letting me be the first to introduce you to his 2nd book!


Now let’s see what the guys have to say!

Cheree: Lester and Ross I would like to welcome you to my blog!

L: Thank you for having us.
R: What is a blog, Lester?
L: Shhh, I don’t know, just go along with it.
R: Okay, Lester. Yes, thank you for having us here in your blog land.
L: It’s not a land, Ross.
R: I thought you said you didn’t know what it was.
L: I don’t! Just be quiet.

Cheree: How have you been lately? I know you guys had a hard time in the story The Orb of Truth.

R: Lester, I don’t know how to respond to this. You go first.
L: Fine, I’ll go first. Yes, Cheree, we are happy now that it is over. That was a particularly scary time in our animated life.
R: Sure was, Lester.
L: Can I continue without you interrupting me?
R: Yes, go on. Sorry.
L: As I was saying, The Orb of Truth, as our master called it, was something that was very important to a lot of people. Good and bad people.
R: Don’t talk about the bad people, Lester. I had nightmares for months after retelling our story to Brae.
L: Ross, stop interrupting me. You always do this.
R: Do what?
L: (low growl) Interrupt me.
R: Oh, sorry, Lester. I don’t mean to do it. It just happens.
L: I think we need to move on, Cheree.
R: Move where, Lester?
L: Move to a different question, you pick-head!
R: Oh, yeah, okay.

Cheree: Okay, no worries guys. So please tell me, I have been wondering, at a thousand years old, how did you guys come to be? I mean you are talking picks! That isn’t exactly normal, you know!

L: You want to know about our story? Well, that is something that Brae told us not to tell. We are working on it with him now.
R: Yep, top secret. My pick-lips are sealed.
L: Nice Ross, pick-lips, that is a good one.
R: I think I’m going to cry, Lester.
L: Why, what happened?
R: You gave me a compliment.
L: Oh, don’t be so dramatic. I compliment you all the time.
R: When?
L: I’m not answering you because this is Cheree’s interview. We can talk later.
R: You promise?
L: Yes, I promise, Ross. Anyway, sorry Cheree. We have seen a lot over our thousand years and have been in the hands of many masters. We can’t talk about them right now, but we would love to discuss it when our story is released.

Cheree: So not fair!!! Do you know when we will get to read your story?

L: Well, Brae is getting the details from us and he will begin writing it sometime this year.
R: Yep, that is all we know.
L: Well, we do know more, Ross.
R: We do?
L: Yeah, remember we are part of the process.
R: Process of what?
L: Telling our story, you pick-goof.
R: Oh, yeah, you’re right.
L: So, Cheree, there you have it.
R: What does she have, Lester?
L: Our story that we can’t tell.
R: Oh, yeah, our story we can’t tell you. There you have it, Cheree.

Cheree: Do either of you have a special skill that the other doesn’t, or are you both equal in skill?

L: We share the same abilities but my specialty is locating and disarming traps of all kinds.
R: Mine is unlocking the best of locks. There is no lock I can’t bypass.
L: Together, we can see anything invisible or illusioned. There is nothing we can’t get by in the realm of Ruauck-El.
R: Yep, our creator thought of everything.

Cheree: Now you guys worked with Spilf for a long time and you also helped Bridazak. What was it like working with each of them?

L: Oh, they are the best masters we have ever had. They treat us with respect.
R: Well, accept that time when you know, Lester.
L: Know what, Ross? Which time?
R: You know, with ‘Grumpy’, remember?
L: The Dwarf? Oh, that was a horrible experience.
R: Yeah, so except that one time, we have been treated really well. Plus the rat encounter.
L: Well the rat was your fault, Ross.
R: Why was it my fault? You didn’t even warn me.
L: I did to, Ross. Your thick pick-brain won’t let you remember me yelling to you, “Look out!”
R: Whatever, Lester.
L: Yeah, cause you know I’m right. Anyway, you can read about that adventure in The Orb of Truth. But the one time that Ross mentioned earlier takes place in the second book, The Dragon God, coming out later this year. That was quite a traumatic experience for both of us, but we can’t say anymore about it.

Cheree: Do you have any secrets about any of the guys?

L: Yes, we do.
R: Yep.
Cheree: Annnnnd what are they?
L: It’s a secret.
R: Yep, a secret.
Cheree: Ughhh….Fine, let us move on then.

Cheree: What type of jobs do you prefer to do? What was your favorite job that you have done?

R: Oh, Lester, let me tell this one, please?
L: Go for it my brother.
R: Oh, thank you, thank you. Well, it was the time that Lester and I were in the hands of ‘Pudgy’.
L: That wasn’t his real name, Ross.
R: I know, but that is what everyone called him. Hey, this is my story.
L: Fine, go ahead.
R: Anyway, Pudgy, was an overweight human child that happened upon us in an open field. He was crying about a treasure he lost when he found us. We helped him to locate his special box he had hidden in the field. It was truly my favorite job to help this boy. He then couldn’t get inside his own coffer since he lost the key so I cracked my pick-knuckles and opened it up for him.
L: We don’t have knuckles, Ross.
R: I know, but I’ve seen all of our masters do it right before us opening the door or disarming a trap. Anyway, Pudgy’s face brightened so much and the joy we brought to him that day was the best job I have ever done. Lester, would you agree?
L: Yes, that was a good moment, Ross.
Cheree: It always puts a smile on my face when I help people; I know it will be something you will never forget! You guys did a good thing!

Cheree: Now you don’t communicate verbally, you speak through the mind, but you don’t just “talk” to anyone. Why, how does it work?

L: Yes, that is how we are communicating with you now, Cheree…telepathically. You see when we are in the hands of our owner then they can see us how we truly are. Anyone else looking at us will only see rusted thieves tools, but in the hands of our master, you will see us in our shiny bronze stature.
R: Yep, this was done to help avoid outsiders seeing our true nature and to give whomever wielded us the reputation of being a great lock-picker because others watching would see him just using rusty tools.

Cheree: What was your worst experience in The Orb of Truth?

R: Oh dear lock-god, it was the scariest creature in the entire realm of Ruauck-El, Cheree. You can’t imagine the horror of us looking upon it.
L: Ross, which creature are you talking about?
R: The Dwarf they call Dulgin, remember?
L: He is scary, but not that scary, Ross.
R: Oh dear, you have succumbed to his wicked witchcraft. He has bewitched you.
L: No one has bewitched me, Ross.
R: Well, he is scary. He has a nasty scar on his face and his red hair is like it’s on fire. Cheree, you need to run when you see it. Don’t look into its muddy colored eyes, just run I tell ya.
L: Ross, you are unbelievable. I’m sorry for his antics, Cheree.
R: I’m just speaking the truth. Cheree, my brother is under the Dwarf’s spell. Take my word for it. It was the worst experience ever.

Cheree: I will be fine guys, I can handle Mr. Grumpy.
 Will we see you in the next book called The Dragon God?

L: Yes, we have a couple appearances in the book. Both were very traumatic for us.
R: Yeah, you aren’t joking about that, Lester. Even worse than the first book. We can’t shake the Dwarf.
L: Ross, our master is good friends with Dulgin.
R: I know and he is under its spell also. I have pleaded with Spilf for years to ditch the Dwarf, but he won’t listen.
L: Does anyone listen to you?
R: That is mean, Lester.
L: I’m sorry, but it’s true.
R: Why are you so mean to me?
L: You bring it upon yourself, Ross.

Cheree: What do you think of the new book cover finally released today for everyone to see? I personally Love it, but everyone knows when it comes to Dragons I cannot help myself! I am actually thinking about getting a coffee mug with the cover on it!
L: What is she talking about, Ross? Do you know what a coff-ee mug is? Is she talking about the mugloid monsters?
R: I don’t know about this mug creature but I do know that I can’t look at the cover, Cheree. It is just too scary.
L: I think the picture is great, Ross. It really draws you in.
R: See, I told you. It is cursed. Cheree, I’m losing Lester.
L: I’m not lost, you pick-head.
R: Cheree, it will slowly consume you. You can’t tell until it is too late. I told Brae not to release it, but I can see he has fallen victim to the curse also.
L: There is no curse, Ross, now stop it.

Cheree: Well, that is all the time we have today, boys! You have definitely been entertaining!  Thank you for entering my blog-land as you call it.

R: See, I told you it was a land.
L: Whatever, Ross.


Now if you haven’t already be sure to check out the guys in The Orb of Truth before the second book, The Dragon God, comes out. You don’t want to miss out on this great adventure!

“It’s a cross between Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.”
—Brae Wyckoff

Voted #1 BEST fantasy book under the radar!
Voted #1 Best Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book!
Voted #1 Best Indie Fantasy Book!


In the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared, darkness has fallen over the land. Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm, scattering the other races into hiding.
Bridazak, a skilled thief, and his friends, a Dwarf and a fellow Ordakian, have dared to remain within the human communities and live relatively quiet lives, until they discover a mysterious, magical artifact. The three friends are thrust into an adventure that will challenge their faith, their purpose, and their destiny as they chase a forgotten and lost prophecy across the realm of Ruauck-El, where they hope to discover the origins of the strange item and their place in its history.
An ancient, unknown enemy threatens the completion of their journey at every turn. Bridazak is about to face the biggest adventure of his life, one that may change the known realm, and answer the questions he has carried all his life. Will they unlock the truth?

About the Author

Brae Wyckoff was born and raised in San Diego, CA and is working toward a Psychology degree. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jill, for 20 years, and they have three children; Tommy, Michelle, and Brittany. He has a beautiful grandson named Avery. Brae has been an avid gamer since 1985. His passion for mysterious realms and the supernatural inspired him to write The Orb of Truth, the first in a series of fantasy action adventures. Brae describes The Orb of Truth as a cross between the Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.

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