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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Open Confessions

So I must confess, I have only been a part of the book blogging world since November of 2012. I have always been one to help others when I have the ability to do so and this seemed like a good way for me to do that. It is still a learning experience that I am very much enjoying. Lauren and I decided to start this blog together. If it wasn’t for Ruthi and MaryAnn with R&M Fab Book Reviews, I may have given up the first post, lol. Blogger did not like me much. It kept highlighting my words white and it made it look bad. We finally got it fixed so I could make my post and we are not sure what we did to fix it, lol. I was just happy my first blog post was done and ready to go. It wasn’t until a month or so ago, I figured out how to make that annoying ‘white highlight’ go away. The key is when you copy anything from the internet be it email or website blogger will highlight it. If you past it to Word then look at the bottom right of your pasted text there is a little clipboard, click it and select “text only” this will unformat the text from the place you copied it and blogger will not highlight it!!! Or if you copy and paste straight to Blogger you can highlight your text and click the "Tx" button right next to the spell check button. This will fix the problem too.   Awesome, huh!! Yeah, I thought so!

We have had a few giveaways and joined in some wonderful Tour groups like Lady Amber’s Tours, Read BetweenThe Lines and As You Wish. They have been awesome in making sure we have what we need and answering any questions we may have.  We even did a Blog Hop last month for Valentine’s Day and plan on doing another this month, keep your eyes open for the post. 

We have lots and lots of Swag and books along with my own little handmade goodies like ribbon bookmarks and jewelry to gift out when the time is right. There are tabs up above of some of my work including the book trailers I have made for authors. The trailers just kind of happened. I noticed that one of the authors I support didn’t have a trailer and she had a scheduled post coming up. I don’t know about you but I love book trailers. They give you a little more insight to the book and a lot more fun to watch. So I asked her if she had a trailer made and she said no. I decided to remedy this and made one for her. It was my first book trailer but not my first time making a video out of pictures and words. Everyone seems to love it and so I have continued to make them for other authors for a fee. If you are interested in having me do a trailer or know someone that is in need for one, click on the Trailer tab above for the request form to fill out. I love making things out of nothing and I love sharing awesome stuff. I hope you will enjoy and share them with us.

I would like to thank you all for your support in making this blog what it is. I still have a lot I would like to get accomplished but it all takes time. I am always up for suggestions to any ideas you may have as to what you would like to see from us. Authors feel free to email us or PM us on Facebook if there is anything we can do to help you.  

We have been slowly adding other Paranormal Loving Moms to share the love and review these awesome books. In later posts you will get to meet everyone and learn a little more about  us. So if you have any questions for me or any of Confessions wonderful ladies? Leave a comment and we will answer them.

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