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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Elementris Lovers check out Book 2 Exposure By Christina Mobley Coming Soon

(Book 2)
By Christina Mobley
(Release date March 20, 2013)


Hidden behind a continuous storm, in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, there is a secret and powerful place. Element Island’s mysteries are as great as its beauty. Ava Vangeretta’s life changed forever after she arrived on the island; she became the True Elementris.

Now Ava is faced with a new challenge. The powerful gifts protected by those born of the element could be revealed. Temptation gives new life to an old curse, danger draws near, and the lines between friend and enemy are blurred as secrets are revealed. Ava will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves, but can she prevent exposure?


Ava glanced at the world map on her wall; the one matching the giant one in her office. There was work to be done. She felt the power of the elements begin to surge through her as she looked at the maps. There had been an awful drought in Georgia for weeks now and it looked as if her help was needed. She closed her eyes and instantly her throat went dry and she felt the heat rising from the parched earth. With her eyes still closed she could see the blinding sun and cloudless sky. She let the magic of the element work its way through her body as she thought of rain. She smiled as the blue sky darkened and she sent a rumble of thunder as a warning to those who might not be paying attention. She could feel the relief of the earth as it began to absorb the soothing rain. She was careful to make sure the rain would provide a slow soaking—the earth was so dry that anything heavier would cause flooding. She opened her eyes, feeling a little dizzy as her energy level returned to normal, and sighed. If only she could really be there. Element Island was amazing, but she longed to be able to visit all the places her mind took her.

(book one)

There are people born in this world with a powerful connection to the earth itself...

        They have an unbreakable and extraordinary bond. Every seven years, five people are born on the same day, at the exact same time. The elements bind them; earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit. They call them, Elementris.
Ava Vangeretta is seventeen years old and different. Unlike most born of the element, she was born alone. She has the power of all five elements. Ava is the first True Elementris to be born in many years. As her eighteenth birthday approaches she is faced with a choice. Give up this rare gift and live the normal life she has always craved or accept it and challenge the current True Elementris in a battle to the death! 
Ava's past haunts her as she struggles to decide. In her present, the seasons are colliding together, storms are destroying lives, and love is a dangerous curse. The current True Elementris is behind it all and she will do whatever necessary to keep Ava from making it to her eighteenth birthday. Ava's decision threatens the lives of the two people she cares about most. Can you choose between love and friendship?

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I can not WAIT till the next book. Stef  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
This was a very unique story and I absolutely LOVED it. ldd6853  |  6 reviewers made a similar statement
I was reading it with every spare second I could find... This book is a "MUST READ!" Summer  |  4 reviewers made a similar statement

Author Bio

Christina Mobley is a married, mother of four, who spends her days caring for her children. She grew up in Florida, living on the banks of the St.Mary's river, and as a child always had a fascination for storms and the power they wield. The Vangeretta Curse series was inspired by that fascination.

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