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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book Nerd Confession #3


 Wearing A Book On Your Sleeve

   How many times have you read a story and looked up a piece of jewelry a main characters wore,  did you buy your husband that silver silk tie after reading 5O Shades? How about all you Twi-Hards how many of you ladies DEMANDED Bella's engagement ring???

Well I have the same addiction, which brings me to Book Nerd Confession #3:I WEAR BOOK INSPIRED JEWELRY!!!! :)   I decided to interview my friend and jewelry maker extraordinaire Faith Martens owner of Etsy store Hula Tallulah/Apocalypso on how she creates these adorable, sparkly, gorgeous, exciting and whimsical pieces based on novels.


                                                                Faith's jewelry Inspiration:

Sheena Day of the Dead Leopard Rose & Skull 
Asymetrical Necklace $56. +s&h

I started making jewelry and selling it to classmates when I was ten! I had a order booklet with receipts and would take custom orders. :) I was a very eccentric child and I loved creating. My mother is an artist and I was frequently in antique stores, art supply and craft stores and I think I was inspired to do something myself after watching her. I don't have my mother's amazing fine arts skills but I found my own creative expression in jewelry. When I was older and needed to find a more financially viable alternative to my plans of going through years of schooling to be a doctor I fell back on my youthful notions and went to school and got my degree in Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I ended up in as a designer in an entirely different field but I always go back to making jewelry when I have time or need a creative outlet. :)


H.P. Jolie Ultimate Fan Bracelet set:$58. +s&h

Literary inspired jewelry:

I try to make pieces that remind you of all the fun facets of a story. I like the try and represent the main characters and events. I'm a reading junkie and when I read I "see" the story in my head. I think a lot of people do that. It's the great part of reading, letting your imagination create the the scene! I started collecting charms that represented the characters from Hp Mallory's Jolie series and created character themed bracelets for her fans and for Hp herself. Other pieces I've made try and capture the entire story, like the Discovery of Witches All Souls pieces. When you look through the charms you can be reminded and taken through the books with little tokens of the story line. I'm just inspired by great literature and make little mementos for other book obsessed people like myself.

Book Inspired Fifty Shades of Grey Biding Bracelet:$32. +s&h

Favorite Book inspired piece:

All Souls Trilogy Discovery of Witches necklace:$96. +s&h

Its so hard to say!! i love the books so i love the jewelry that reminds me of them! Lol! I love the Jolie series bracelet set because I adored the series and the set captures all of them. That and the color is so pretty and I love stacking bracelets. :)
The All Souls necklace is really up there too because it can be worn several ways and the beads remind me of the books covers; the night sky with stars and planets twinkling. 
Oh, and the Fifty Shades binding ribbon bracelet!! That captures the essence of the book. Lol! 

Ok, I can't pick. It's like picking a favorite book. I like them all for different reason. :)



 I'd love to say I listen to super cool music but its usually music to keep my 1 yr old entertained. Dan Zanes, ella Fitzgerald, frankie Lymon, Carmen Miranda, Bruno Mars, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, jack Johnson, Gershwin!! We are a varied household to say the least and I have varied musical taste. I try and keep it upbeat and happy for my son but like to make sure he's exposed to all different types of music.

                                      Ella Fitzgerald &Louis Armstrong
                                                  Dream a little dream

Amy Winehouse:  Valerie

                                    Bruno Mars: Locked out of Heaven

                   Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers: Why do Fools Fall in Love

Thank you for asking me Leah! I hope my answers are ok. I just tried to be honest. I'm a bit boring so I hope it's not too dull. Maybe if you could mention all the Valentine's Day jewelry that would be huge' thank you!! Xoxo

Faith has quite the selection for Valentines Day here are some of my personal fav's: 

Valentines Day "Faith" Necklace: $54. +s&h


Romantic Love in New Mexico set: $103 +s&h
Candy Hearts earrings: $24.75 +s&h
Rockabilly "Rita" hand sculpted earrings w/swarvoski crystals:$35.-$45. +s&h




 For the record Faith is....Anything but boring and dull. She creates these lovely pieces of art that we can treasure and wear. And really pretty, sparkly things come in mint green envelopes from Hula Talluah XOXO <3

      Buy Links  

      Hula Talluah on Etsy

      A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All SoulsTrilogy) by: Deborah Harkness 

      Fire Burn And Cauldron Bubble: The JolieWilkins Series (Volume 1) by: H.P. Mallory 

      Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey,Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed 3-volume Boxed Set by: E L James