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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Book Nerd's Nivana


   A Book Nerd's Nirvana

    By the time you read this I will already be....... There!!! In beautiful, sunny Mesa Arizona. Soaking up the nice 70 degree weather and attending this =D!!!

    Book Nerd confession #4: Finding my Nerd Nirvana.....

Nirvana = The Profound peace of mind that is aquired with liberation.... *sighs* So why am I traveling 387 miles through the desert with 3 loud, rambuncious boys and a Husband to obtain this "nirvana"? Because true "Nirvana" is better achieved whilst among your fellow seekers. 

I am a Book Nerd. I go to book signings, I befriend authors of every kind. I hang out in book stores of every kind and I collect signed books. To me, there is so much excitement going to a book signing. You're among your fellow book fans and we're all anxious and excited for the same thing. A chance to meet with the author, to shake their hand, maybe get a hug, take a pic and have them sign your book with a personal message :D!  If I was into comic books I would be going to Comic-Cons, StarTrek, I would be a Trekie.  But I am neither. I am and always will be a Book Nerd

I'm not a wild person, (I just like to read about them) I enjoy the quiet comfort of a book, a venti vanilla roosbush soy latte and big chair to lounge in :) Books offer me an escape, a temporary ( but greatly appreciated) break from the hustle and bustle known as my life. A chance to meet the author that gave me that temporary, but so very precious escape....... NIRVANA ..........

Since I will be traveling reading and music are essential. I thought it would be fun to put together a book and music playlist.

I will be reading Neverfall and Everbound by Brodi Ashton, Evangeline and Evershade by Alexia Purdy and Beautiful Demons by Sara Cannon.  And down below is some music that I have preloaded on my Kindle :)



                                                      Tired Pony: Point Me at Lost Islands

                                            Johnny Cash & June Carte Cash: Jackson

Mamas & Papas: Creeque Alley

The Lumineers: Dead Sea


Along with my TBR book links I also posted links to some of the books featured in this Saturdays book signing in Mesa Arizona.