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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Vampire's MUSE

Confessions of a 
Book Nerd

A Vampire's MUSE

           Book Nerd habit # 1: When reading a book or book series I follow along with the Author's music recommendations. Yes, really I do this. And in my opinion it makes the book so much better the storyline is so real and tangible that I feel that I am right there in it.

My habit first started over 7yrs ago when I first picked up a copy of Twilight By: Stephanie Meyer. I noticed that she thanked the Band MUSE for being her inspiration in helping her to write this book. Curious, I bought every album and I also bought the entire series, each book contained the same sentiment at each end.

"And finally Thank You to the talented musicians who inspire me, particularly the band MUSE- there are emotions scenes and plot threads in this novel that were born from MUSE songs and would not exist without their genius."  Stephanie Meyer- New Moon.

For Twilight's playlist Stephanie Meyer chose: Our Time is Running Out.

New Moon's playlist, she chose: Hyper Music, Apocalypse Please, Sing for Absolution and (my personal favorite) Unintended.

Eclipse's playlist Stephanie chose: Small Print, Newborn, Hysteria, Yes Please, Blackout, Falling Away With You.

Breaking Dawn's playlist she chose: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, Intro Into Apocalypse Please, Take a Bow and Assassin.

Being the Book Nerd that I am, I loaded all those songs on my IPOD and reread The Twilight Saga and....... WOW!

A habit was formed, an addiction made and no book has ever been read without music since then :)

In case you haven't read the Twilight Sage yet I posted a link to the complete boxed set on

And should you be MUSE curious here is the link to their band page, you can find out about the band, check out tour dates, watch and listen to their MUSE-ic for free :)