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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Witch and Her Man by: G.E. Stills

A Witch and Her Man
By: G.E. Stills

Hey Y'all, this is Leah here and this is my very first blog post :) So bare with me :)

Ok, the Author I chose to review is a fellow New Mexican and really good writer of yummy stories: Author G.E. Stills.

I had the opportunity to read his newest book A Witch and Her Man ( First book in a five book series) and ask G.E. Stills a few questions about it.

Here is a brief excerpt:

Gail slid gracefully from the couch and disappeared down the hall. When she returned, she had a blanket and pillow in her hands. She handed them to him. Gail yawned and stretched. "Goodnight, Jeff. See you in the morning" Padding softly across the floor, Gail went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Jeff fluffed the pillow and pulled the blanket over him. He lay in the dark thinking of what she had told him. He was just dozing off when a rattle of the front door lock brought him to alert.

In a flash he was wide awake and rolled to the floor, drawing his gun from his holster on the coffee table. The door opened and two men silhouetted the doorway.

"Stop right there." He ordered, not knowing who the newcomers were and not wanting to accidentally hurt one of Gail's friends. He could not think of a friend who would come in the middle of the night unannounced and let themselves in, but the remote possibility did exist. His indecision was answered seconds later when the man in front drew his weapon and fired.

Jeff heard two bullets hit the couch with a thunk where he had been asleep moments before. An instant before he fired back, the man dropped to a crouch and the round missed. The man's partner was not as lucky. The round meant for the lead man struck his chest.

"Oopmh," the man grunted in surprise as the round punched him back and sent him tumbling down the steps. Just then, Gails bedroom door opened. In a voice thick with sleep She asked  " What was that noise?"

Jeff scrambled to his feet and dashed across the intervening space. He tackled Gail to the floor and covered her body with his own just as two more bullets splintered the bedroom door above.........


Good Morning Gary :)

Good Morning Leah

I have a few questions for the book blog, for you to answer. And as I said before, if you could leave a brief bio and author pic that would be great :) I'll keep my questions neutral so that no that no spoilers are given away.

1. What inspired you to write a Paranormal romance/ Detective story?

All of the stories I have written have romance. For as long as I can remember one of my interests has been magic, or as many of Pagan friends prefer to spell it..... "Magick". Wicca is a division of Pagan belief, much as Baptist and Catholics are a part of the Christian belief. My inspiration came from talking to my Pagan friend. I wanted my witch [Gail] to become involved with a strong male character who was not Pagan himself. I needed some way to bring the two together but at the same time I didn't want him to be a member of the Police force or Military. Hence the character, Jeff, the private investigator/body guard was created.

2.Did you do personal research into the Wiccan community? I noticed that a lot of terms and rituals were very accurate.

I did much research and reading. Although I am not a Pagan myself I have many friend who are. These friends were gracious enough to provide me a lot of information. Naturally, being a writer of fiction, I embellished some :)

3. Jeff and Gail have this magnetic chemistry between each other despite being polar opposites, what was your creative inspiration behind these two characters?

In the beginning their attraction is physical as real ones often are. If you enter a relationship with an open mind and a non judgmental attitude, be it romantic or not often you will find that you really like that person because of, or despite their differences.

4. I noticed at the end of this book that the story continues for Jeff and Gail, will there be just as much romance and mystery in this sequel?

A Witch and her Man is a complete story but also leads into the second book of the series, To Know you is to Love You due to be published in early or mid 2013. Yes there is action and romance throughout the series (hint) As the series progresses Gail becomes a witch with much greater power while adhering to her belief of using her magick, to harm none.

5.This is the most important question of all: As a fellow New Mexican, Red or Green?Choose wisely Gary :P

I guess I will have to say green although I like red too. It depends on what the chile is on.

I hope these are good questions for you, I hope you have a great day Gary. Thanks again for allowing me interview you :)
Leah B.

G.E. Stills lives in the Southwest with a loving wife, two dogs and a cat. He grown children with children of their own. In his younger years at school, his teachers told him he had a vivid imagination if they could just read his writing. His long hand was/ is terrible. Tongue in cheek. He blames it on being left handed and is very thankful for modern day word processors. While raising and providing for his family he didn't write for many years. Now that his children are grown he spends much of his time in front of his computer monitor. In his spare time he likes camping and cruising on a nearby lake in his pleasure boat.

He heeds the call of many characters that pop into his mind and demand to have their stories in print. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi published Author his stories cover many genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction. His stories are both erotic and non erotic in nature. G.E. is the leader of a local writers group and in addition hosts a meeting of his own locally on fiction writing bi-monthly.

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and be contacted at any of these sites.