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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confessions from Katherine Rochholz Author of the Katy Lily Series

Confession time…I have fallen in love with the Katy Lily Series by Katherine Rochholz! Katy Lily is a lost and lonely nine year old that lost her mother three years ago. Living on the streets after running away from foster care she does what she can to survive and stay out of the system. Sneaking in to libraries and schools as she loves to learn and read, that is all she has to keep herself out of trouble and safe. One day she comes “home” to her box in an alley and finds a letter addressed to her. Soon after that her life changes and she learns of a way of life and family she never knew existed. I love watching Katy Lily grow through her first two years; seeing the good and the bad though some of it was hard to see a nine year old go through. I love the elemental use, some people forget that Witches and Warlocks use the elements in all magic and just act like it happens, but that is not how it works. I love how detailed Katherine is with the surroundings and feelings. With Truth and Lies Past and Present Katy Lily’s first year, you are drawn in from the beginning and not disappointed in the end! I stayed enthralled with each page and moved on to Katy Lily’s second year in A Nightmare Within A Dream the next day. Enough about what I think though go see for yourself. You will fall head over heels with Katy Lily and her story.


When did you decide to start writing?  I have always created stories for as long as I could remember but it wasn’t until 2011 I thought people might actually want to read about the crazy worlds I created.

What was your inspiration for the Katy Lily series?  Do you have any special place or things when you write?  Katy Lily’s world was created for my brother in 1993.  I used to sit and tell him of this magical world which even though filled with heartache was worth it because of the light that shines through the darkness.  He has always been bothering me to write them down but with the influx of magical stories and I thought who would want to read about another book dealing with a magical world.  But he finally broke me down and in April 2011 I started to write it down, researching all the little details and the first draft was done by August of 2011.  In the end it is all for him and if others enjoy Katy Lily’s world then that is icing on the cake.  I always listen to music by P!NK, I put her CDs on shuffle on my IPod and the world kind of melts away.  My favorite place to write is at home on the couch, I can see my family though I can’t hear them, seeing them brings a calm that I can’t explain.

What do you do when you are not writing?  If I am not writing I am normally reading, and sometimes playing Sims or I am hanging over at my cousin’s playing cards.  And if I am not doing that then I am being dragged out by my friends to spend some time downtown.  Also a few times a week I work with a group of ‘high-risk’ youth (they range from ages 7-19 right now) mostly I help them with homework, preparing college applications, reading to them, or just generally being there for them.

Is your family supportive in your work, who is your biggest supporter?  Biggest supporter would have been my dad, but he passed away before I ever showed him any of my stories, so now I would have to say my baby brother, of course he claims all credit for half my characters, especially Riley, who is named after him.

Are any of the characters in the Katy Lily series based on people you know?  Actually there is quite a few.  Riley is based upon my baby brother, well looks wise. Gary Tuchman who is the History Professor is actually based on my High School World History teacher.  Kandi Sweets is a play on my mom’s name Kandi Kitchen (yes my mom’s name really is Kandi Kitchen).  That is just the tip; I honor a lot of friends and family by using their names or their likeness or mixing their personalities.  I don’t have much to give, but I have this crazy imagination, and it is my way to let them be a part of what has become one of the biggest events of my life. If you look at the names of some of the magical towns or the restaurants you will see something that means something to me, a name of a family member, or a favorite author.  In fact MacCathmhaoil is an old Irish name that Campbell came from and Campbell is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name.

You currently have two book published, when can we expect to see more? How many books are you planning for this series?  The Novella Hunted comes out in December; Katy Lily book 3 The Veil Lifts will be coming out in the first months of 2013 and then Corruption? Which is a short novelette will come out right after.  Even though Corruption? Is a prequel of sorts it gives a lot away and you need to read book 3 (even though most people can guess by the end of book 2 some of the information) so that way it doesn’t spoil the experience of reading book 3.  The original plan was for 10 books but I think it will be more like 6-7 books, depending on how the events play out.  I couldn’t make year 4 its own book because the 2nd half of year 4 is critical to year 5.  So book 3 will be year 3 and the first half of year 4 and book 4 will be the 2nd half with year 5, the title is Elemental Mazes.  The last book will be titled Pure Shadow which I have the ending written.  I know how it ends and I give clues though out the books about the ending. 

What is your favorite Magical Element? Fire!!  Though I am an Earth Elemental, Fire is my favorite.  My baby brother’s is Air which is why Riley is an Air Elemental.

Katy Lily:

How was life after you lost your mom?  Hard, first I went to live at an awful orphanage and then a foster home.  I was treated as a slave so I ran away.  It was better being on my own.  I stayed safe by staying at the library or the school close to me during the day. 

You are very young to be on your own, what was the biggest challenge you had being on your own in New York?  Biggest challenge was not to be caught by the social workers; they would just stick a kid back into the system.  And I really wasn’t alone, there were friends around ones that knew my mom and looked after me.

Now that you live with the MacCathmhaoils, what is your favorite thing about living with them?  They don’t mind my enthusiasm.  I generally am sneaking into lab and making a mess but they don’t mind at all.   There are only a few ingredients I can’t use yet, but I have gotten promises that I will be shown how to use them all very soon.  They are the family I wished for after I lost my mom.  Nobody can replace the mom that I knew, but having them makes life a whole lot better even though there are some trials I must go through.

 You and Gaivan became friends immediately; do you only see him as only a great friend or do you like him like a boyfriend? If not is there someone you kind of like that way?  I haven’t really thought of it yet, I know that these events that are happening are only going to either push me and Gaivan closer together or tear him from my life…

You have a lot of talent in many things; what is your favorite thing to do Magical and non-Magical?  Potions are the greatest!  I am always trying out new ones.  It is the best way to spend time.  Gaivan says I push myself too hard, but I have this desire to prove that I belong in the Magical world.  My favorite non-magical activity is reading.  I love to read, and not all the books I read are about magic.  I use to go to the library everyday when I was homeless.  Books are a magical place.  Gaivan said that if it wasn’t for him I would be nothing but a giant nerd… he is the one that makes me ‘cool’.  He is the reason I play Eleball though, if he didn’t enjoy it so much I wouldn’t play on the team.  Don’t get me wrong it is a fun sport, but it is so competitive and Gaivan and Riley both love it so much.

What is your favorite kind of candy from Kandi’s Sweets?  Gummies!  If you tap them they come to life, it is funny to watch. 

What is your favorite class in school? Why?  Potions!  It is the most hands on, and if you blow something up it is okay, you learn for the next time.

Do you have a Favorite Professor? Why?  I may be a bit biased but Professor MacCathmhaoil is my favorite.  That may be because he is my father figure.  If I left him out of the mix it would have to be Professor De’ Medic in Herbology it is my second favorite subject.

Katherine also has a Contest going on at her Blog to win copies of her books! 

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